Maecenas FINANCE - capital optimisation & collateral efficiency

Maecenas has extensive experience in financial markets and their application to mid-market companies. Maecenas is focused on achieving positive client outcomes which deliver capital optimisation and collateral efficiency.

Using processes, methodologies as well as strategic and financial analysis, Maecenas delivers successful funding solutions include senior, mezzanine and structured debt, private and institutional equity, on and off balance sheet structuring and derivatives.

Maecenas utilises a range of best execution strategies enabling clients to capture benefits that may include:

  • Higher leverage
  • Release of capital through asset revaluation
  • Optimisation of debt duration
  • Asset matched borrowing amortisation
  • Interest only loan structures
  • Tailored covenant perfection

Maecenas' objective is to deliver companies, which are growing or restructuring, higher profits, improved working capital metrics, enhanced cash generating capability and lower weighted average cost of capital.

We support industries experiencing constraints imposed on by traditional lenders.