Maecenas sources and structures finance from an extensive domestic and international network of asset finance specialists, Investment Funds and Family Offices ranging from asset‑backed to unsecured.

Solutions span the entire capital spectrum; from equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, stretched first, senior debt, corporate loans and joint venture arrangements.

First Mortgage
Falling into land loans, which assist with the acquisition of land or as bridging finance to enable borrowers to prepare land for development and construction loans, which assist with the construction and development of properties.

Mezzanine Debt
Funding for development and investment assets which are short-to-medium term in nature, with clearly defined returns and exit strategies.

Preferred Equity
Maecenas provides preferred equity finance for a diverse range of complex assets which are short term in nature, with a clearly defined return and exit strategy.

Maecenas may partner with clients by contributing equity into a property development transaction. Maecenas works with trusted partners on high quality projects where there is an alignment of interests and careful attention to risks and rewards.

Maecenas delivers a full suite of finance facilities for property developers appropriate to the times. Bespoke capital solutions ($10–$250m) which take into account their individual business strategy, cash flow requirements and project capital structure.

Structured Finance
Maecenas has a proven track record in providing innovative financing solutions in response to client needs. Key examples of structured financing solutions executed include cross-collateralising multiple development projects to enable scale and speed to market, provision of bank guarantees and underwriting risk via renounceable sales contracts or debt acquisition. For selected developers, solutions include funding for the sequential development of a portfolio of projects.

Alternative Finance for Property Development market

Alternative Finance for Property Development market